Why you should use an Airline Internet Booking Engine

Before the advent of the Internet Booking Engine, especially until the 1950s, reservations in the airline industry were made in manual systems at a centralized reservation center.

This center was a room filled with groups of people with physical cards that represented an inventory, otherwise called, a seat on an airplane.

In the late 1950s, American Airlines wanted a system that would allow real-time access to flight details in all of its offices, including the integration and automation of its booking and ticketing processes.

Thus in 1952, it introduced an electronic reservations system, Magnetronic Reservisor.

In 1964, it developed the Sabre (Semi-Automated Business Research Environment). Sabre’s breakthrough was its ability to keep inventory correct in real-time, accessible to agents around the world.

What is an Internet Booking Engine?

One of the definitions necessary for this article is, an Internet Booking Engine is your key to commission-free direct bookings. A way to optimize your sales strategy and, in turn, maximize profit.

Having an airline Internet Booking Engine is a convenient way for travelers to research and book their trips.

It is a tool used by travel agencies to manage their travel business online.

Advantages of using the Internet Booking Engine

There are many benefits to using internet booking engines. Some of these benefits can give you a greater return than if you were to use only one or two of the features in isolation.

Image of internet booking engine

As many booking engines continue to offer more air travel content and options, the market keeps growing and thriving.

No commissions

One of the most important things about an airline internet booking engine is that by using one, you can easily cut out many of the additional fees or commissions that you would otherwise have when you book through the conventional portal.

For instance, as an agent, if you are trying to book individuals on a flight without your own internet booking engine, then you’ll have no choice but to send those customers to a site that does have one, and no matter where they go, those clients are going to be overwhelmed with adverts, and sometimes, even commission fees.

Round the clock availability

Another one of the important advantages of having an internet booking engine is flight booking online. Flight booking online is very vital for your business to be able to grow and thrive.

If you are a 9 to 5 type of business, clients may come at odd hours to actually get their tickets. You certainly do not want to be working during these odd hours or a strenuous split shift.

However, by having your own Internet Booking Engine you will allow your customers the ability to book their own flights when and where it is easiest for them. Don’t let your competitors steal them away by offering more air travel content that includes flight booking online when you can host your own internet booking engine.

Maximize efficiency

To maximize your efficiency is the same way of making more money and doing less work. Online booking on an Internet Booking Engine has become automated in recent years, especially with the New Sabre Red 360. If you have not taken advantage of this automation you can register your agency here.

Your time is invaluable, spare all the unnecessary time you spend in manually booking flights and start selling new bookings or assisting your already-owned customers.

That is why migrating to the Sabre GDS is a sure way to take the workload off of yourself. Know more about Sabre here.

Online payment management

This is one of the very important advantages of using an Internet Booking Engine as it is through this you receive payment from your customers and by which they, in turn, receive a guarantee of your services.

Also, the Internet Booking Engine helps to reduce the workload on you, protecting you from having to process the payment, take a cheque, visit and deposit at the bank, make sure the cheque clears, or riskily go around with loads of cash.

Image of Airline Internet Booking Engine

Now, your customers can simply complete their bookings anywhere using a secured credit card while you do not have to keep the money in your office or on yourself. They also get a receipt emailed to them as well.


Other features of the Internet Booking Engine include:

  • Private fares management
  • Single Hub Connectivity
  • Multiple payment options (offline and online payment)
  • Simplified Bookings
  • Redemption of loyalty points against ticket fare
  • Additional revenue through ancillary services (cars, hotels, holidays, insurance)

With greater ease and accessibility, an airline Internet Booking Engine is the way the industry will continue to maintain its popularity, providing better customer service by meeting the needs of customers at a time and place that is fitting for them.

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