Aviation Industry: Sabre Boss Advocates Capacity Building

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9th September, 2019.
Sabre Travel Network, West Africa.

President/CEO Sabre Travel Network West Africa, Dr. Gabriel Olowo has charged Nigerian aviation industry leaders to pay more attention to human capacity building in airline economics and commerce.

Olowo made this call while addressing the newly admitted students of Babcock University’s MBA Programme in Airline and Travels Management powered by the aviation technology company. The aviation expert also decried the relatively low attention paid to the commercial aspect of airline human capacity development in Africa.

Dr. Gabriel Olowo, watch!

“In my upwards of 45 years in the Aviation industry, I have realised that, the airline, especially in Africa, focuses majorly on training and retraining of pilots, engineers, flight dispatchers etc which are major cost centres in the industry. We have not paid sufficient attention to capacity building in airline commercials which is the main source of wealth creation…”

Dr. Gabriel Olowo

Dr. Olowo asserted that in recent times, unlike in the 70s ,Nigeria, aviation experts continually paid major attention to safety and security which is KEY but not at the expense of revenue generation.. He therefore denounced the relative neglect of airline commerce.

Commercial Payload …Ways and Means form the core of our upbringing in the sector. Because if the money is not available, safety and security cannot happen.

Dr. Gabriel Olowo

The Sabre boss affirmed that airline business is costly to maintain, and so, more attention should be paid to income generation through sales and other business opportunities to be able to afford the cost of maintenance. He hinted that this present situation birthed the Airline and Travel Management MBA programme Sabre West Africa is organising in collaboration with Babcock University.


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