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Sabre West Africa celebrates 2019 End of the Year

Sabre Travel Solutions, West Africa, the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, has held its annual end of the year get-together for 2019. Present at the event are, the Chairman, Sabre Travel Solutions West Africa, Dr. Gbenga Olowo, senior and junior members of staff, travel agencies, and sister companies with their friends and families. In his welcome speech, Olowo said the company is grateful for the hard work and dedication that every member of staff has shown in the course of the year. The chairman also thanked all...

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5 ways to enjoy a budget-friendly trip for the Christmas and New Year

The Christmas and New Year holidays are upon us again. It is here and most travel enthusiasts have already gone to their different travel destinations to have a swelling time. If you are yet to go, no problem. Christmas is still two days away and you still have NINE DAYS to plan and prepare for the New Year. So, in our article today, we shall take a look at how to enjoy a budget-friendly trip for the Christmas and New Year periods and spend the festive period with our families...

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How to Choose the Right Travel Technology Partner (II)

In the previous article, we examined the importance of choosing a travel technology partner with their own strategic partnerships that complement and enhance the value they provide to the customers they support. You can read it here. Today, we will conclude this series by showing you how to choose a travel technology partner that understands your challenges and is committed to helping you achieve your travel program objectives. A partner that understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to corporate travel programs, offering configuration controls and...

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How to Choose the Right Travel Technology Partner

As a travel agency, there are dozens of travel technology providers to choose from, which often makes the process of finding the right partner difficult. Especially when you are trying to identify a partner that can support your near-term goals and help you maximize value well into the future. Today, the travel industry is continuously evolving with emerging technologies and market disruption, which is forcing constant transformation. Interestingly, modern travel solutions that answer today’s needs may not support tomorrow’s requirements. One needs to feel confident that their travel technology partner...