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Sabre Red 360

How to Reset Your Password on Sabre Red 360 – 3 Steps

How do you reset a forgotten or expired password of a registered Agent ID on the Sabre Red 360?

It is actually possible to perform a password reset on the Sabre Red 360 without contacting the helpdesk. The Password Management Tool (PMT) allows you reset your forgotten or expired password without delay or any external assistance.

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Selling Airline Reservations on Sabre GDS

Selling Airline Reservations on the Sabre GDS is your ticket to growing your travel business, no doubt about that. The benefits are enormous (you can see more at the end of the article). The global travel and tourism industry is growing at an average rate of 4% every year, making it necessary to serve the needs of a billion travelers annually. To benefit from this growth, you need to access a wide range of contents, find the best flight deals, and also make your operations fast and more seamless. In...