How to Choose the Right Travel Technology Partner (II)

In the previous article, we examined the importance of choosing a travel technology partner with their own strategic partnerships that complement and enhance the value they provide to the customers they support. You can read it here.

Today, we will conclude this series by showing you how to choose a travel technology partner that understands your challenges and is committed to helping you achieve your travel program objectives.

A partner that understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to corporate travel programs, offering configuration controls and flexibility to maximize policy compliance and savings.

Image of Sabre GDS System training
Some travel agents undergo the Sabre GDS system training at the Sabre Travel Network, West Africa headquarters, Lagos, June 14, 2019.

Nowadays, the travel industry is continuously evolving with emerging technologies and market disruption, which is forcing constant transformation. Interestingly, modern travel solutions that answer today’s needs may not support tomorrow’s requirements.

One needs to feel confident that their travel technology partner not only has the capabilities to support today’s needs but also has the expertise and market leadership to inspire a travel innovation that places them in an advantageous position in the succeeding years.

Achieving Your Travel Program Goals

A travel policy is the foundation of effective travel management. Your prospective travel technology partners should fully understand that, travel managers are challenged with balancing traveler’s expectations and experience with maximized efficiencies and policy compliance while achieving their cost management objectives.

With the advent of new technologies and channels challenging existing traditional travel policies, travel managers today face a more variable role than past corporate travel managers.

Business travel is an essential business-building activity that can also put pressure on the budget and on the traveler. According to the global Frictionless Travel study conducted by Sabre in partnership with the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), 40% of travelers say business travel impacts business results to a great extent, while 32% state business travel impacts job satisfaction to a great extent.

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The study further revealed that job satisfaction is influenced by an organization’s travel policy, booking and reservation process, employee well-being policies for travel, safety and security policies and initiatives, expense reporting process, and even the pre-trip approval process.

The Travel Technology Partner as a Solutions Provider

In addition to having the foresight and acumen, travel technology partners must be capable of providing solutions designed for managing business travel from bookings to expense to a duty of care with a consumer-like user experience your travelers desire. This is important to ensuring high traveler satisfaction and compliance.

On top of that, the solutions they deliver must be reliable and flexible, with the ability to scale and grow while keeping pace with you and your travelers’ changing needs. Similarly, their solutions should faultlessly integrate with booking, virtual payments, itinerary and messaging, expense reporting and travel risk management.

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Your travel technology partner shouldn’t only provide a functionality-rich environment with a classy travel policy engine with flexible controls, customized rules, and parameters to ensure policy compliance.

They should also make available a solution that is easy to direct and guide the traveler on the right choices with a message that clearly communicates your travel program throughout the entire experience.

Enhancing the Traveler’s Experience

The modern corporate booking solutions should do more than just enable travelers to shop and book travel, but provide access to comprehensive travel options and negotiated offers.

The booking solutions should also enhance the traveler’s experience by improving supplier and contract management, automating processes, clearly identifying in-policy and preferred options while maximizing policy compliance and savings.

When it comes to corporate travel programs, you would need a travel technology partner with the expertise to help you configure your travel technology for your unique travel program requirements today with the flexibility and scalability to evolve with your growing needs. That is why Sabre is here for you.

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