How to create a PNR on Sabre GDS System

Booking Records are essential for reservations through a GDS like Sabre. On the Sabre GDS system, these booking records are called PNRs (Passenger Name Records).

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What is PNR?

A PNR is an acronym for Passenger Name Record. It contains all the necessary information for a client’s reservation.

A PNR contains both mandatory and optional fields relevant to the type of travel it is being booked for. It is related to the GDS-initiated travel reservations associated with a specific trip.

For example, a client may need to book a round-trip airline ticket and a hotel in the destination city. The result of the itinerary will then contain both air and hotel segments as part of the reservation record on the GDS.

Or, a client may need to book only an airline ticket with no hotel segments. The two conditions and many more are possible disparities of an itinerary.

Mandatory Fields in a PNR

It is compulsory for you to complete five required fields in a PNR before you END the reservation. You can complete the fields in any order. For you to remember these fields, you may use the keyword PRINT. That is, P- Phone field, R- Received From field, I- Itinerary field, N- Name field, T- Ticketing Time Limit field (T).

Image of Mandatory Fields in a Passenger Name Record (PNR).
Mandatory Fields in a Passenger Name Record (PNR).

PHONE FIELD – This is a contact telephone number, either for the traveler or the travel provider. It is compulsory you have at least one number to allow the vendor to contact the travel provider or traveler. On the Sabre GDS system, more than one phone number is permitted.

RECEIVED FROM FIELD – It indicates the last person to change the PNR. However, when the PNR is first created, the passenger name is often used. Naturally, the individual can be either the traveler or the traveler’s representative. Specifically, the Received From Field is completed via the End Transaction (ET) command.

ITINERARY FIELD – The PNR must contain at least one sold itinerary segment of airline, car, or hotel. If multiple itinerary segments are present, it is absolutely compulsory that continuity of date, time, and the location is maintained.

NAME FIELD – This field contains the name of the passenger(s) for whom the travel arrangements have been made. Multiple passengers can be on the PNR but all of them represented in the same record must have the same itinerary. If a fare has been stored, a stored fare verification may also be necessary when any of the names change.

TICKETING TIME LIMIT FIELD – This field indicates when and how ticketing will be executed. The ticketing field plays a very important role in the actual price a passenger pays for the ticket. The Ticketing Time Limit field may serve as a reminder for ticketing the itinerary at a specified date and time, or it may serve as a status field to indicate that an itinerary has already been ticketed.

This field is also required for hotel or car reservations, even though they are rarely ticketed. In these scenarios, the field is left unfilled.

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