How to Reset Your Password on Sabre Red Workspace – 3 Steps

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How do you reset a forgotten or expired password of a registered Agent ID on the Sabre Red Workspace?

It is actually possible to perform a password reset on the Sabre Red Workspace without contacting the helpdesk. The Password Management Tool (PMT) allows you reset your forgotten or expired password without delay or any external assistance.

Download Sabre Manual on How to use the Password Management Tool (PMT) here.

When should I use the Password Management Tool (PMT)?

You may use the Password Management Tool process to reset your password in Sabre Red Workspace. You should have previously established questions and answers and an email address. If you have forgotten your password and have not established questions and answers or added a valid email address, you are prompted to contact the CREATE agent in your office.

Selecting Security Questions on First Sign-In

How can I select my security questions and answers for the Password Management Tool (PMT) at Sign-In?

When you first sign in to Sabre Red Workspace, if you have not previously set Questions and Answers for use in resetting your password, you will be presented with a screen to update your personalized questions and answers and add your email address. Your answers must have a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 25 characters. They are not case sensitive and they are encrypted. The email address is case-sensitive. After completing the information, click OK.

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At the end of this screen to update your personalized questions and answers and add your email address, you have the option to exit the screen without updating by selecting “Do not prompt me for changing my security questions and answers”. If you select this option and do not complete the Questions/Answers, you will not be able to use the Password Management Tool.

How can I select my security questions and answers for the Password Management Tool (PMT) after Sign-In?

After login, click on Tools > Options > Password Management.

Click on the “lock” icon and enter your credentials. Once you enter your Sabre ID, password and PCC, you will see the Security Questions/Answers screen as shown above. Select the questions, answers, and e-mail address. Click OK.

If you have established the security questions/answers

  • Type your agent ID and PCC and click Forgot my password in Sabre Red Workspace login screen
  • Answer the security questions (You are given six attempts to reset the password using the questions/answers. If any of the answers from the first set of three questions are incorrect, a message displays on the screen saying the responses are incorrect)
  • Type your new password and then, re-type it to confirm

If you have not established any security questions/answers

  • Should you forget your password before establishing the security questions, you need to contact your office’s CREATE agent for a password reset. Only the CREATE agent can reset the password
  • You may use the command SI HELP (PCC) to display a list of CREATE agents
  • If management is not available, contact Product Support and a representative can provide you with the name of your CREATE Agent

Log in with the temporary or expired password.

The Password Reset screen appears. Complete the information and type the New Password. Then, re-type it to confirm. Click on Sign In. The Password Reset Security Management screen appears. Select the Security Questions and provide the answers. Click on Save Answers. The Sabre Red Workspace home page appears.

Which are the Security-related emails sent by the Password Management Tool (PMT)?

With the re-release of the Password Management Tool, Sabre is introducing new Security Related Emails. These emails will give you better visibility on activities related to your EPRs.
In the following situations you will receive an email through the Password Management Tool

  • A successful password reset email titled “Production Password Reset Activity Notification”
  • A failed password reset attempt using PMT questions titled “Failed Production Password Reset Notification”
  • A failed sign-in attempt after the account has been locked out titled “Failed Production Sign-In Notification”

Which are the available languages for the Security-related emails sent by the Password Management Tool (PMT)?

The emails will be available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Greek

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