How to revalidate airline e-ticket on Sabre

Revalidation is a process in which whenever a change is done on the reservation, the ticket numbers remain the same.  It’s mainly when a passenger makes changes on the reservation for a different date, time or destination.  It can also occur when an airline reschedules a passenger’s flight or that particular flight is out of operation.

For example, the date for your flight is changed in the airline system, but you can just present your original ticket at the airport for check-in, even though your new itinerary is different. As a result, it’s advisable to contact the airline first to see if they are able to simply revalidate your ticket on their own.

Other processes that may lead to revalidation includes:

  • Different flight dates or time.
  • Different airports for arrival or departure.
  • Different flight number.
  • Different airlines, etc.

However, when revalidating, there are guidelines that must not be flouted:

  • There must be no change to the fare rates.
  • Although the origin or destination airport may be different, the revalidated ticket must be for the same city.
  • You should also note that some airlines do not support revalidation due to technical limitations and the e-ticket must be reissued even for simple date changes.
  • Some airlines may also require advance notice (i.e. 48 hours) before they do anything (for some special fares).

The Revalidate Itinerary API

The Revalidate Itinerary (RevalidateItinRQ) API is used to recheck the availability and price of a specific itinerary option without booking the itinerary. The solution re-validates if the itinerary option is valid for purchase.

The following flight’s attributes are required in the request when re-validating price and availability for a given itinerary:

  • Flight arrival date and time.
  • Class of Service – This element is required in the request, and will be used in conjunction with any other optional fare qualifiers, to re-price the given itinerary.
  • Flight departure date and time.
  • Flight number.
  • Flight type (optional). Valid values are:
  • – A – AIR
  • – K – ARUNK
  • – O – OPEN
  • Flight origin location code.
  • Flight destination location code.
  • Marketing and operating carrier code.
  • BookingDateTime (optional).
Airport (revalidate) e-ticket departure
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The following attributes are returned in the RevalidateItinRS response:

  • For Revalidate Itinerary, the Repriced attribute was added to the AirItineraryPricingInfo element to define the fare returned from re-pricing a requested itinerary using the requested booking code. This will be marked as “Repriced” in the RevalidateItinRS. The type is “Boolean,” so valid values are: True or False.
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When you re-price a requested itinerary using this new functionality, and if the price is validated and the fare is available, you will be able to identify the re-priced solution marked as:

Repriced=”true” in the RevalidateItinRS.

Defining the Revalidate Itinerary API

Historically, to check pricing and availability of a specific itinerary segment(s), it was required to either create a PNR to hold or open a new session to revalidate a previously booked itinerary.

When re-pricing a given itinerary, there is no guarantee that the same fare as in any previous search or price request will be returned. The same RBD (Reservation Booking Designator) will be used, but there might be multiple different fares per RBD and, among the possibilities that exist, the system could select a different price.

The functionality allows for any applicable Air Shopping qualifiers to replicate and revalidate the price.

Flight information required in the request

This section shows the information should be included in TPA Extensions. the following is an example:

Image of Sabre eticket

Error Messages

The most common error messages returned are the following:

No Fare:


No schedules:


No availability:



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