How to Sign up for Sabre Training Online

If you are just getting started with the Sabre GDS, you are likely not so familiar with Sabre commands and formats just yet. And so, you need a Sabre training. Don’t worry, we are intensifying on how we can make our trainings more accessible to all our partner travel agents. We’ve got you covered!

sabre training
Sabre Training

Get familiar! Read more about Sabre Travel Network, West Africa!

What’s New?

We have simplified Sabre training enrolment procedure so that you can now see the schedule online. But if you prefer to talk to someone on the helpdesk, scroll down for the numbers to call.

If you are a new agent, you would need to have your PCC and EPR before you can schedule for any of our trainings on the agency eServices site.

Follow These Steps to Enrol:

  1. You need to have a valid Sabre EPR and PCC to enrol.
  2. Fill in the details required on your Profile Page on the agency eServices in order to access the Training Page.
  3. Note that there cannot be multiple registrations with same ID for same class. The back-end AI will automatically take the EPR name, email, and phone number from the profile page.
    If you are booking more than once, the system will automatically return to the most recent training booked and cancel the previous schedules.
  4. Go to agency eServices and sign in with  Sabre log in details
  5. Click TRAINING on the Menu Bar
  6. Navigate to and click on Sabre Training.
  7. Select your relevant course/class and click on the 3 vertical buttons to enrol.
  8. You are automatically enrolled for this class.

Please contact the Helpdesk if you or the Trainee has any issue during enrolment

You can call any of the following numbers to speak with a helpdesk assistant: 08031230223, 08031230224 or 08128014552

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