How to remove HX segment on Sabre GDS

A travel agent/agency will experience an increase in costs due to Agency Debit Memo (ADM) charges and Sabre has designed and developed the HX Manager solution to reduce the number of debit memos received from the airlines.

Sabre GDS HX segment removal

Assuredly, the timely cancellation of an HX segment on the Sabre GDS will reduce these ADMs. This is vital for a travel agent/agency who wants to make profits and stay in the business.

The HX Manager solution helps the agent to pre-define the actions to be taken on the HX segments which fall into the queue. The application is an add-on to the GDS desktop software which is PCC specific.

The HX Manager solution will help you delete HX from your PNRs (Passenger Name Records), whether ticketed or unticketed, as it will automatically remove the HX segments from them.

What is an HX segment?

It is the status of each segment within the PNR, which means that the segment has been confirmed earlier but has now been canceled through the carrier/vendor because it was not ticketed or did not meet the planned criteria. The PNR segment will receive the status code as HX from a carrier that will inform you that the segment has been cancelled.

HX Removal on Ticketed PNR

An HX removal can occur on a ticketed PNR. A ticket number is personal and each passenger needs their own ticket to fly. This ticket number is assigned on a reservation. The status will show as “ticketed” and the passenger can usually check in on a ticketed reservation.

HX Removal on Unticketed PNR

This is a segment entered in a GDS that does not result in a ticket being issued. Although it is advised to never use passive status codes to sell flight segments as they do not generate “sell” messages to the airlines, Sabre GDS can initiate an HX removal on unticketed PNRs.

In fact, more airlines have announced even more stringent measures against travel agents that do not remove passive, inactive or non-productive segments from a PNR at least 24 hours prior to departure. Such agents, according to the airlines, will receive an ADM of a certain amount.

Read about British Airways’ latest ADM policy update here.

Anyways you can speak to our helpdesk to understand more about the HX Manager tool. You can reach us on weekdays, Saturdays and even public holidays.

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