How to install the Sabre Red Workspace

This article describes a basic installation of the Sabre Red Workspace for users who:

  • Can download files directly from the Internet.
  • Have sufficient network bandwidth to download the system files in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Have Operating System privileges to install files onto their own hard drive. Privileges should include FULL CONTROL to the SRW directories.

System Compatibility

If your workstation has Windows 7 and Windows Vista and you are going to use Sabre VPN, you need to download and run a special utility before you continue to install Sabre Red Workspace. This utility ensures that the Workspace can connect to the Sabre System via the Sabre VPN.

After selecting Run the Sabre Red Configuration Installer window will appear. Make sure Sabre VPN is checked and select Next. When finished you will be prompted to Re-Start the workstation for the changes to take effect.

If you have used Sabre Red Workspace with the Sabre VPN on these operating systems previously, you do not need to run this utility.

Access the Sabre Red Workspace Website

Navigate to the Sabre Red Workspace website and select the appropriate download option for your operating system. The current version to download is “Sabre Red Workspace-2.6.0-win32.exe”. Alternatively, you can also reuse a copy of this file that a colleague has previously downloaded.

Although the version of the installer is different than the current version the install will automatically check and download updates. Once the install completes you will be on the latest version of Sabre Red Workspace.

Download and Run Sabre Red Workspace Install Program

Click Run to complete download of the install program and run it. Based on your security settings, an “unknown publisher” security warning may appear. If you see this security warning, click Run to continue.

Choose Default Install Directory

Click OK to accept the default directory. Sabre recommends that you do not change the root directory for the Red Workspace system files. After you click OK, the system processes initial files in preparation for the installation. A progress screen appears. Depending on your Internet connection speed, this may take several seconds.


Sign in to Sabre Red Workspace

Enter your Sabre Red Workspace credentials. Click Sign In. Sabre Red Workspace identifies your personal configuration. If you enter credentials that are not valid, an error message appears. Enter valid credentials and try again.

If the network is disconnected, an error message appears. Verify your network connection.

Initial Launch

During the initial installation, the system will provide a screen for you to input your agent profile information. This is the basic information it needs to start the Sabre Red Workspace.

  • Agent Profile: Name and contact information for the agent.
  • LNIATA: The Sabre GDS session address (six alphanumeric characters).
  • Connection Type: Private connection for agencies with direct connections to the Sabre GDS, or SSL VPN connection for users with a public Internet connection.

Note: If you previously installed Sabre Travel Solutions desktop applications (such as Sabre Print Module) on your workstation, you do not have to re-install them because Sabre Red Workspace can access them.

Daily Launch of Sabre Red Workspace

Now that Sabre Red Workspace has installed successfully, you can use a desktop icon to launch the application. To launch Sabre Red Workspace, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the icon on your desktop. If multiple users installed Sabre Red Workspace on your workstation, one icon exists on the desktop for each user. In this example icon, 9BD7 is the PCC and 123456 is the Agent ID. Double-click your personal icon to launch your own version of the Workspace.
  • Open All Programs from the Windows Start menu, and select Sabre Red Workspace.

Uninstalling the Sabre Red Workspace

There is a utility that will uninstall an individual user’s files from the workstation. The program can be found in the Windows Start Menu, as shown on the right. This program will then guide you through a few steps to remove the application. Why would you want to do that anyway?

How much does Sabre GDS cost?

Now you may ask, how much does it cost to install this application? The correct answer is zero dollars.

To obtain access to the Sabre GDS, there is no fee for this application. Any additional Sabre user besides the original Sabre applicant, that is, sub-agents, outside sales agents, employees, owners, partners, shareholders, LLC members, officers, directors, etc., must complete the Sabre GDS application. There is no fee for this additional application. There is no setup fee for GDS software.

You can know more on our join us page.

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