Navigating the Sabre Red Workspace

Before we continue with navigating the Sabre Red Workspace, we believe, at this juncture, you’d have no problem signing in to the Sabre System. However, if you have a challenge in doing that, you can quickly go through the post by clicking here.

Now, the Sabre Red Workspace offers you great features and functionalities that increase your effectiveness and efficiency with clients.

It is an agent-booking portal built on a platform that is focused on delivering the greatest experience for you through optimized technology.

Image of Navigating the Sabre Red Workspace
Navigating the Sabre Red Workspace

In this post, we’ll show you the Sabre Red Workspace and how to navigate through the system.

Sabre Red Workspace

As a user, navigating the Sabre Red Workspace offers you the following benefits:

Greater Experience

There is improved interaction between multiple applications and Web pages that enable you to move between the Sabre Red Workspace sessions and Web pages without having to spend time refreshing content.

The Sabre Red Workspace also includes an application launching bar that allows you to embed your commonly used applications or Web pages. You can integrate internal agency sites, email, and commonly used web sites into Sabre Red Workspace.

Greater Performance

Because much of the Sabre Red Workspace applications go live on your desktop, you will experience faster loading times as it does not load over the Internet. In addition, when you sign in to the Sabre Red Workspace, the system work area loads prior to checking for updates. You will see greater stability since much of the heavy processing will occur on the desktop side instead of on the server-side. This will require a lot less reliance on Internet connectivity and speed.

Greater Control

Your agency administrator for Sabre Red Workspace can create a customized version of Sabre Red Workspace for each agent in your office by turning features on or off depending on such things as the type of travel you handle or your geographic location. Once features are turned off, you will not receive updates to that piece of your Sabre Red Workspace application unless you turn that feature back on.

Thus, you have a degree of control over the system.

Also, when an update is available, you will log in and begin working before the system even begins checking for that update. Once the system finds an update, the download will occur in the background and will not require the immediate restart of Sabre Red Workspace which means you can continue to work.

Sabre Red Workspace Desktop

In navigating the Sabre Red Workspace, the desktop is structured into three main areas. Within each area, you may have multiple bars, areas, or tabs to facilitate the servicing of your client.

Navigating the Sabre Red Workspace
Application Area of the Sabre Red Workspace.

1. MENU AREA: It contains standard menu categories, such as File, Edit, View, Tools, Window, Help, and Contact Us. Applications may also appear under Tools, Community, or Admin.

2. APPLICATION AREA: This contains Work Area Tabs, Application Shortcuts, Agency Application Shortcuts, Booking Tools and Application Shortcuts, and Work Area Tabs.

3. STATUS AREA: Displays the status of all working areas.

The visual description of all these areas and how it will help in navigating the Sabre Red Workspace can be found more in our free Sabre system training resource which you can download here.

About Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation is the leading technology provider to the global travel industry. Sabre’s software, data, mobile and distribution solutions are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotel properties to manage critical operations, including passenger and guest reservations, revenue management, flight, network, and crew management. Sabre also operates a leading global travel marketplace, which processes more than US$120 billion of global travel spend annually by connecting travel buyers and suppliers. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world.

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