How to Choose the Right Travel Technology Partner

As a travel agency, there are dozens of travel technology providers to choose from, which often makes the process of finding the right partner difficult. Especially when you are trying to identify a partner that can support your near-term goals and help you maximize value well into the future.

Today, the travel industry is continuously evolving with emerging technologies and market disruption, which is forcing constant transformation. Interestingly, modern travel solutions that answer today’s needs may not support tomorrow’s requirements.

One needs to feel confident that their travel technology partner not only has the capabilities to support today’s needs but also has the expertise and market leadership to inspire a travel innovation that places them in an advantageous position in the succeeding years.

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In this article, we’ll look at things to consider when choosing a travel technology partner.

Expertise and strategy for leading the travel technology evolution

As elementary as this may sound, it’s important to identify travel technology partners who serve travel providers around the world in every form; from air travel to hotel bookings, car rentals, and, even, sea travel.

These partners should have in place enterprise-wide systems and automated customization that would enable travelers to plan, shop and book within the corporate travel policy guidelines, especially with your preferred travel partners.


In addition, you need to evaluate travel technology partners that demonstrate strategic alliances to lead the industry’s evolution towards New Distribution Capability (NDC) next-generation retailing, distribution and fulfillment.

A Connected Partner

A technology partnership is far more than just a tool or service. It involves a dedicated team of experts who have deep industry knowledge that will help you achieve your travel goals with convenient and flexible services for tomorrow.

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To enjoy a working and well-established partnership, it is best to single out the travel technology partners that are uniquely positioned to command an innovation that revolutionizes business travel, delivers concrete value, and is committed to delivering a smooth travel experience.

This will be a major factor in managing business travel in the coming years.

You should consider a technology partner that understands your business, has extensive strategic partnerships in the travel ecosystem and is committed to your success. This allows you to maximize the value of your technology investments today and inspires change for the future.

As the travel industry evolves, you need travel technology partners not only building solutions that solve corporate travel challenges today but are also focused on delivering next-generation solutions that evolve travel management and the travel experience of tomorrow.

In the next article, we shall look at considering a technology partner that understands your challenges and is committed to helping you achieve your travel program objectives.

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