Sabre Virtual Training – 9 New Courses!

Sabre Virtual Training is one of the many ways Sabre is responding to the realities of Covid-19. The ongoing pandemic has caused a significant shift in the travel industry and in our everyday lives. The travel ecosystem may not return to business as usual post Covid-19. The global business terrain will ditch many old practices and only the best will survive or even become better.

To further support you, we have designed Sabre Virtual Training to better prepare you for the future of travels and more. We believe that you can take the lead role in the travel business if you are better equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

Take your time to go through the Sabre Virtual Training time table and follow the courses.

Sabre Virtual Training Time Table

Day Time Course Title Course Description Course Objectives Course link
Monday 1100hrs Sabre Red 360: PNR Creation Creation of PNR and Pricing- Graphical and Manual Commands Sign in and out, Navigate the Sabre Red 360, Create PNR, Add basic PNR fields, other PNR data, Prereserved Seats, Frequent Flyer data, OSI, SSR and Remarks, PNR Retention, Modify PNR Click here to register
Tuesday 1000hrs Sabre Online Solution Internet Booking Engine: IBE demoTechnical Requirements, Marketing Requirements, Resource Requirements See a demo of an Online Booking Engine. Learn what would be required to set up an Online Solution Click here to register 
Tuesday 1300hrs Sabre Red 360: Ticketing Issue Ticket, Exchange, Refund and EMDs. Graphical and Manual Learn to ticket a PNR, process Automated Exchanges, Manual Exchanges, Schedule Change Exchange, EMDs, Refunds Click here to register
Wednesday 1000hrs Sabre Red 360 and Trip Proposal Overview of Sabre Red 360 Air Module, Hotel Module, Profile Module, PNR Module, Car Module and Trip Proposal Click here to register
Wednesday 1400hrs Sabre Red 360: Customer Profiles Create a Profile, copy profile from and to PNR Learn to search, display and copy profiles into a PNR, as well as create a Sabre Profile Click here to register
Thursday 1000hrs Queue Management Introduction to Queue, Working Queues, Queue Spectra, Share and release PNR Security Learn Sabre Queue Process for managing PNRs Click here to register
Thursday 1400hrs Sabre Red 360: Pricing and Fare Quote Basic Pricing, other Pricing Qualifiers, Basic Fare Quote, other Fare Quote Qualifiers, Historical Fare Quote, Branded Fares Learn to Price PNR, Lower fares, Branded Fares, Ancillary Services, Alternate Price.  Click here to register
Friday 1000hrs Back Office Solution Penguin Accounting system for SMEs Learn the Penguin Back office solution for all IATA Agents Click here to register
Friday 1400hrs Sabre Red 360: Hotel Sell hotel using the graphical view of Sabre Red 360 Learn how to find, book, modify, and cancel hotel reservations Click here to register

As you continue to operate essential travel and plan for recovery, we remain focused on providing ongoing support and expertise. Our position within the travel ecosystem allows us to monitor how it’s evolving each day and identify ways to increase efficiency and streamline operations. We stand ready to power your business.

To better assist you, we have established this microsite to share helpful information and tips that you may find useful and up to date information on products and services on Travel agencies, Airlines and Hotels designed to keep you operating at maximum efficiency.

Please feel free to contact Sabre helpdesk for any challenges at this period via and/or 08128014552, 09062547017.
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