Understanding Sabre City Pair Availability

City Pair Availability (CPA) or Air Schedule is the display of flight times and seats offered between a specific city pair. In other words, the CPA displays flight information for air transportation offered between two cities. Thus, all participating carriers’ availability is displayed equally and are all subject to the same display factors. City pair availability may be made up to 331 days in advance.

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South Africa’s legislative capital Cape Town and the country’s largest city Johannesburg is the busiest airline route in Africa. The journey takes two hours by air.

Using City Pair Availability

It is used by travel agents on a daily basis to view flights operated by various carriers. Agents must use the three-letter airport or city codes to make these entries.

To determine the appropriate codes, Sabre offers the encoding and decoding formats.

Also, IATA has designated standard codes for City, Airport, and Airline for its recognition worldwide. Thus, before viewing the City Pair Availability, it is important to know the three-letter City Code or Airport Code, and the two-letter Airline Code.

City Pair Availability Features

With the City Pair Availability feature, flight information is available for booking up to 331 days in advance for carriers that participate in Full Availability and 180 days for carriers that participate in Basic Booking Request. This feature displays non-stop and direct flights, and two-segment and three-segment connections.

In addition to the basic board and off points and departure and arrival time, qualifiers can be used to streamline and simplify a search entry. Such qualifiers include:

  • Airline specific display – can include or exclude up to twenty carriers.
  • Alliance partner flights
  • Class of service or inventory group
  • First available by class, with or without number in party
  • Connecting city and connecting time
  • Direct Access availability to an airline
  • Extended schedules display (timetable)
  • Fare displays

Abbreviated City Pair Availability follow-up entries include:

  • Return schedules or availability
  • Change board/off point or date/time
  • Modify or request any of the optional qualifiers
  • Flight specific availability query

With the Schedules feature, Sabre’s easy-to-understand display enables you to quickly find the flights your customers need. And you can offer electronic ticketing on more carriers – from more countries – than any other GDS.

Image of City Pair Availability
How the City Pair Availability functions in the Sabre GDS.

City Pair Availability Entries

Let us check out some of these CPA entries and their descriptions.

12ØMAYTPELAX9A or 120MAYTPELAXØ9ØØ Specify estimated departure time
123FEBSINKUL¥MH Specify specific airline
128MARYYZSIN9ANRT Specify connecting city
115JUNSINLHR¥SQE Specify specific booking class
121JULCPHSIN/D Specify only direct flights
128AUGSINBRU9AFRA¥JLM Combined qualifiers
  119SEPSINHND.¥SQ   Specify Airlines not showing Codeshare flights
107DECSINNYC¥SQ//BB Specify Airline and Cabin Category YB – Economy SB – Premium Economy BB – Business JB – Premium Business FB – First PB – Premium First

For additional information, let’s take a quick look at the Encode/Decode functions.

Encode Function

The Encode function is used to verify the three-letter code for City or Airport and the two-letter code for Airline.

Decode Function

The Decode function is used to verify the name of a specific three-letter City or Airport code, the two-letter Airline code, and three-character Airline Equipment code.

Encoder/Decoder Mask

The Encoder/Decoder Mask allows travel consultants to view Codes/Names for City, Airport, Airline, Country, Special Service Request, Meal and a host of others.

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